James Bond – Blood Stone 007 Review – Feb 5.2011

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Publisher: Activision
Developer: Bizarre Creations (PS3, Xbox 360), n-Space (Nintendo DS), High Moon Studios (PC)
Cost: $40
Genre: Shooter/Action/Adventure
Website: http://bloodstonegame.com
Reviewer: iRampage

As far back as I can recall, I remember playing James Bond. It was fun and action packed with some secret operative CIA storyline that was hard not to sit and play for endless hours. When I saw the upcoming release of the new 007 game for PC I was as excited as I was back when I was a kid. Regrettably,  after a mere  20 minutes of playing after finally getting my hands on it, it was obvious that it was going to be nothing like the past games.

007: Bloodstone Screenshot

Duuurrr.. I dunno boss. I don't see James Bond anywhere out there!

Let’s start with the combat system, which to say the least is God awful and extremely clunky. It’s hard to use and rather pointless, you can attempt to hide behind cover but once you’re there you have to completely stand up and take a casual stroll to the next position further down the zone. That’s just flat out stupid, there’s not one tiny little bit of sense in that. You had cover, but now you have to move, and when you do you get shot in the face. Enjoy the blood screen.  All and all it feels like an extremely watered down version of Splinter Cell: Convictions. An attempted copy, but a complete failure.

The story line… I honestly can’t rate it, well, because there really wasn’t one.  There seemed to be no point to anything at all, it just seemed like you were randomly thrown into a place that was selected by spinning the wheel of fortune and seeing what you get. Go here, kill this random guy, now go kill this random guy… just for fun of course. The only real attempt at what seemed to be a story line was the girl (there always a girl of course… it’s still Bond after all) that randomly sells herself out to make James’ life easier, which again doesn’t make sense because nobody has a clue what’s going on in this game.

Nothing else matters, as long as you've got a pistol and you look awesome running with it.

James loves cars! Oh boy does he ever, and this game made sure that you knew that. How? By inserting a pointless and completely stupid car chase about every 5 minutes of game play.  It felt like you’d just gotten to do something somewhat important when all of a sudden you’re in a car chasing God knows what or who in the middle of a completely different setting. It wouldn’t have been as bad if they gave you a Lamborghini with machine guns and rocket launchers  and such like they always have. But it would seem that they completely forgot about that and settled for giving you a stolen junk yard car and you’re left to fend off heavily armed cars with nothing but your not so mighty fists. Which is strange, as this game is supposedly about 007… not Chuck Norris.

007: Bloodstone Screenshot

Yet another car chase. You can never EVER have too many car chases. EVER.

The graphics were the only thing about this game that wasn’t terrible,  the environments were very eye catching and about what you’d expect  from an Activision game.  The detail was quite good and the graphics somewhat heavy giving lower end card players a chance (although I wouldn’t bother if I were you). Although it would seem that they screwed up James, he looks the same way my grandfather does when looking at the newspaper each morning when he has forgotten his glasses,  was this intentional to maybe make him look more intimidating to enemies or something? Who knows, who cares it looks stupid.

Be warned hardened is extremely hard and is purely designed for the most advanced veteran gamers! Just kidding, I’m fairly certain a 6 year old could beat it on the hardest difficulty with no problems what so ever. I played it on the hardest difficulty my first time through and blazed right through it easily, it was pathetic . The AI’s  in this game truly bring a whole new meaning to “HERP DERP”.

These henchmen don't even have name tags.

Dear evil bad guys who always get owned by James Bond,

You wonder why you get owned? You need to reconsider  who you hire, seriously. Hiring random people off the street with no training whatso ever and throwing them at Bond and his associates while hammered is about as smart of an idea  as playing with your plugged in toaster while in your bathtub. Go hire some professional ex SAS assassins or someone useful at least.

Yours truly, iRampage

Conclusions: If you didn’t quite get it by this point this game was  just complete garbage. If you were hoping for the old school undercover James Bond, you’re looking at the wrong game. The only good thing I have to say about this game was the graphics and those weren’t even superb or close to, but regrettably they’re  just the only thing I can say that wasn’t that bad. Because of this I am forced to give the game a generous 30/100. I would not recommend this game to anyone, it is a complete waste of time and money.

This is what James Bond does to you if you buy Bloodstone. He knees you right in the naughty bits. Hard.

Stay away, you’ve been warned.

Our Rating

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