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Reviewed Sept 8.2003 by Dave "Marauder" Kratky

Publisher Moonpod
Developer Moonpod
Genre 2D scroller/space adventure/shooter

Pentium 2-300mhz/64 meg ram/110 meg HDD/3D Accelerator of some sort. (Yes, it'll even work with your crappy ancient Voodoo 3.)

We Recommend

Going to Moonpod. Downloading the game. Trying it. Now.

Test Machines

Tbird XP 2400+(OC'd 2600+)/1gig DDR/MSI Geforce 4ti4200 128 meg/Creative Labs SB Live!

The Good

Low system requirements. It's old sk00l, baby! Great graphics, amazing music, gameplay, storyline and tons of fun! Excellent pricing with online distribution. (I like it. Instant download and gratification within minutes.) Borg type aliens have been done a time or two, but are still cool.

The Bad Keys in the ship modification and research/build screens sometimes confuse me. (I'm easily confused.) It's an adictive little game. No wait. That's a good thing.

Playable Demo! (woot!)

Replay Value

None really


$24.99 USD(Download version) $34.99 USD(Retail version)

Remember the days when games were just plain fun? Prepare for a return!

Next... Premise, Gameplay, and graphics...

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